• Pandemic lockdown

    Pandemic lockdown

    There are many challenges to face in life, and for me at this time it’s been the big LOCKDOWN. Unlike many other cities and countries across the globe, I live in Sydney, and we are faced with only our second lockdown, the first being in 2020. I am grateful for this, but it doesn’t change how I feel and how my mind reacts to the situation.

    For me, the first challenge is adjusting to my workplace being closed down. The job I am closed down from is the other job I have when I’m not counselling. It is working in a day care centre for people with dementia. What about the clients, I hear you ask? Yes, for sure the clients get to stay at home with their families, and they miss out on their socialisation and activities that I, as part of a team, entertain them with. I work for Health, and I don’t get to stay at home I am deployed into the main hospital into a job not of my choosing. The first day at this new job is sitting in front of a computer without a task and the director of community health behind me. I feel alone, my workmates have been deployed elsewhere, and I become bored, there is absolutely nothing to do after I’ve checked my emails and read about the latest pandemic news. It is the longest morning ever. Do you ever notice how anxiety slows time down? I also had sleepless nights during this time of change. Those nights dragged out while I tossed and turned, thinking it would be time to get up and finding out it’s only 2.40am.

    But being the person I am, I practice what I have learnt in my years of studying to become a psychotherapist and counsellor and all the self-development programs for the best of four decades. When I can’t sleep, I practice relaxation, I notice how tense all my muscles are, and I breathe. “Just breathe” I tell myself. Some self-soothing is very good, much better than criticizing and creating more tension. Once the morning comes in, I take out my journal and write about all my feelings and the fear of this unknown future. Tapping is another great resource to have. Tapping is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and itis a technique which draws upon mindfulness, exposure, and physical stimulation. It involves focusing on an issue while tapping on specific meridian (acupuncture) points. It is simple,gentle, and incredibly effective at releasing stress.

    So, as the pandemic grows and life changes, I notice how adaptive my human nature is. From feeling the loneliness and isolation I now embrace the time I have for doing some of the things there is never any time for. Writing this blog is one!

    There are many who don’t adapt, who feel desperate in their loneliness. And those who reach out for more drugs and alcohol, or binge on Netflix or gamble online. Or there are those who will be binging on food to make them feel better. Difficult times offer an opportunity for growth, and am I being too much of a dreamer to want our society at large to find their compassion and strength and the leaders of all the countries reflect social kindness and balance for our economic driven society.

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