• Feelings are the Key

    Feelings are the Key

    In knowing how I feel, I can make the assessment of what is happening for me. Feelings of love, joy, happiness tell me I am in-tune. Being in-tune means I am relating to the source of nature, which is greater than the experiences I have gathered along the way of my own journey. Being tuned-in means I am being led by inspiration which can be as small as the messages to maneuver through traffic safely and smoothly to receiving the ideas to meet a great desire.

    When I am not feeling happy, I need to stop and check out what I am thinking. Thoughts become the directive, leading me through life. Beliefs are derived from thinking a thought, a lot. If I have a loser type of thought I will feel unhappy, and I will be pulled to loser type of experiences, which will, in turn, reinforce I am a loser. This belief is only a thought, it is not the truth of who I am. I was not born as a loser. We are all born to experience love and expand, to grow and add joy to the world.

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