Tapping? What is it? I was highly sceptical when a friend told me he’d received ” tapping therapy” from Rosalind Brenner. What kind of spooky toothed stuff is this I thought to myself? ” It works” he said

Some weeks later, after more than two months of a re- occurring gastric complaint resulting in the most debilitating nausea symptoms, often accompanied by headache, I was willing to give tapping therapy a go. Blood tests, gut tests and several CT scans had all revealed a negative. Nothing sinister or unusual happening there. That being the case, I arranged three online weekly sessions ( lockdown in Sydney had just been announced), with Rosalind Brenner. I suspected and knew at some level that my illness had a deeper psychological cause. I understood that tapping therapy dealt with the release of stuck, stagnant, mental, physical and spiritual states. I needed help.

I commenced the treatment. Rosalind was able to draw out and identify a pattern of re-ocurring fear and anxiety around specific situations. These dark and negative states could then be given voice, could be named, whilst the simple action of “tapping” various points in the body took place. This part of the process was quite distressing at times. However, the ground was being made fertile for a new attitude, a different approach to a re- occurring anxiety in my life. Positive affirmations replaced unhappy, fear driven thoughts. Something wholesome, something reachable and real to me was enabled to enter the vista, the whole pyschic picture so to speak.

This has been a very positive healing experience for me. I have been nausea and headache free for nearly a month. It is such a marvellous feeling. Energy returning after feeling so unwell and nauseous for such a long time. Poor sleeping patterns which have been a major problem are most definitely improving. And with the return of better sleep comes greater well being, concentration and vitality. I don’t know how tapping ” works. Right now I don’t need to, only that it does. My friend was right, “It works”.

Marie Ngai-King
Chinese culture and language student.

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